The Flexible Mind is a phylosophy that teaches body and mind how to react to different situations, how to consciously follow impulses but also how to resist them.

Focusing on the adaptability to our surroundings, we train and develop tools to reach a deep awareness of ourselves and to organically cope with the choices that are made for us or by us.

The class guides the body from a smooth awakening to a more conscious and reactive activity, through exercises going from the floor to standing positions. Sharp movements often accompany fluidity. Body and spatial awareness are, without any doubt, the main point of the class, constantly present, from the beginning until the end, where we are asked to face more challenging movement combinations. The idea is to strengthen body and mind thanks to a gentle but powerful process, until the reaching of a strong knowledge of ourselves as individuals and as part of a bigger group. You will face constant challenges, coming from a very dynamic technique, exploiting big jumps, twists, out of balance and core strength.



18:00-19:00 Contemporary beginners Tanzfabrik Nürnberg

19:00-20:00 Contemporary beginners + Tanzfabrik Nürnberg


08:30-10:00 Contemporary advanced M.A.D. Ausbildungschule Nürnberg

17:00-18:00 Contemporary beginners Movement Revolution Ansbach

18:00-19:00 Commercial Movement Revolution Ansbach

19:00-20:30 Contemporary interm/advanced Movement Revolution Ansbach