- Facimmene na ballata e na sunata e poi vidimu se ncora ulimu cu murimu -

Community workshop

16/03/2024 Kultur.Lokal.Fürth – 11 - 13 Uhr

During this workshop Chiara invites the participants to open themselves to a soul cleansing journey through the power of the community.

We live in a society that promotes isolation and individualism, that proposes us impossible icons and heroes, that makes us feel like it is never enough, like we are never enough. In this constant search for what's MORE we often forget that we are actually part of a world made by humans that might feel just like us, that might have needs just like ours. What if we press that pause button for some moments? 

What if we stop spinning around ourselves and decide to take other people's hands to start dancing together? We might notice that the feeling of dizziness we were experiencing can be transformed in something pleasant, like a breeze in our face, a smile on our lips, a lightness in our hearts. 

No dance experience needed. Everybody is very welcome to join. We will go through an experience of sharing and moving together, accompanied by the rhythm of the mediterranean folklore, those same rhythms that have been used since the Ancient Greece to celebrate community life and to exorcise melancholia and discomfort from the soul.

Free entrance!

Kultur.Lokal.Fürth : Bahnhofpl. 2, 90762 Fürth

Das kultur.lokal.fürth bietet Künstler:innen Raum, Sichtbarkeit und Honorar und belebt die Fürther Innenstadt mit Kunst und Kultur. Damit setzt das Kulturamt der Stadt Fürth ein Zeichen für zukünftige Stadtentwicklung. Veranstalterin: Stadt Fürth.

Das Projekt wird unterstützt durch das ESW (Evangelischen Siedlungswerk in Bayern) und den Theaterverein Fürth e.V.